When you own a commercial parking property, you need a company that helps guarantee your revenue stream. National Parking Enterprises is a well seasoned, trusted parking management company that is able to step in and take on the complete responsibilities of managing your parking facility.

We lease parking properties all throughout Florida working directly property owners who have taken advantage of operational strengths. We are able to maximize lease payments while sheltering our property owners from expenses and varying parking demands.

How you benefit from NPE Leasing:

  • Minimize your risk
  • Receive guaranteed monthly income
  • Provide customers with the highest quality parking services
  • Eliminate managing parking programs and staff
  • Receive full coverage as an “additional insured” on our corporate insurance policy

Our leasing arrangements allow our clients to avoid the hassle of day to day property operations. We offer flexible leasing programs that include flat, fixed or percentage rate programs.

National Parking Enterprises delivers exceptional customer services and we work hard to maintain the great image our clients have worked decades to build. These exemplary services have helped form the foundation of our business. That’s why we’re a trusted solution for your property management.


Let us show you all of the advantages of our leasing programs.

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